Monday, July 2, 2018



This Tutorial was written for those that have a working knowledge of PSP.
Please do not copy it in anyway or claim its as your own.
Any resemblance to any other tut is purely coincidental.
This Tutorial was written on July 2Th,2018
The tutorial was written and Created by Chiqui

For This Tutorial I used PSP X2

Close up of your choice
I am using the fantastic work of Zatla M
You need a license to use. You can buy here
Font of choice
I used

Candle Mustard font free Here

Texture of your choice

VM-Distortion Radiator II
VM Experimental Guest what
  Plugin transparency- eliminate black here
Carolaine and sensibility- cs_texture
Simple - Pizza slice
FM Tools - blend emboss
VM-Extravaganza -Transmission
Drop Shadow 2- 2 -35 -5

Let's Start 

Open an image 851 x 315 pixels.

  Choose 2 colors from your tube 

Dark color for your foreground

light color for your background

Create a gradient with this linear settings:

 Apply VM- Distortion Radiator II default settings

Now apply Mehdi plugin weaver with this settings:

Duplicate this layer
VM- Experimental - Guess what with this settings:

Apply Effects - plugins transparency - eliminate black

Change the blend mode to Screen
Apply  filter carolaine and sensibility cs_texture  settings  default
Now apply Effects - image effects seamless Tiling with this settings:

Apply Effects Simple- Pizza slice mirror and
FM tools blend emboss default settings

Layers - merge visible
In the duplicate layer apply
Effects Geometric effects Perspective Vertical with this settings:

Apply VM- Extravaganza Transmission with this settings

Copy and paste  a texture of your choice
change blend mode to overlay

Copy and paste your close up tube to the right side
change blend mode to screen

Copy and paste your close up tube to the left
adjust blur Gaussian blur by 10
Change blend mode to overlay

Merge visible and crop

With your rectangle tool  and this settings:
Foreground white background null
Draw a rectangle around ypur banner check mine for directions

Convert to raster layer
Effects 3D drop shadow 2- 2 - 35- 5  black

Layer new raster layer
fill with a color of your choice
selections all selections modify contract by 5 delete
selections none
add a drop shadow

Add your copyright and name.


Open a new image 200 x 200
Go to your tag close off the tube, copy merged, paste, resize to 60%, adjust 
how you like,
new raster layer
copy and paste paper 2
 Selections all selections modify contract by 6 delete

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