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This Tutorial was written for those that have a working knowledge of PSP.
Please do not copy it in anyway or claim its as your own.
Any resemblance to any other tut is purely coincidental.
This Tutorial was written on April 16th,2018
The tutorial was written and Created by Chiqui
For This Tutorial I used PSP X2
Tube of your choice
I am using the awesome artwork of  BARBARA JENSEN
You need a license to use this tube, do not use without a license.
You can find this tube   HERE
Font of choice
I used Caneletter Font free  Here
Scraps elements (optional)
L & K'S FILTER free filter
You can download this filter here 
Let's start:

Open a new raster 851 x 315 pixels
white background.

This is the size for a Face time banner.

Select 2 colors of your tube

 We are going to do a linear gradient of three colors.
Settings:  Angle: 0, repetitions: 0, invert not checked
 Colors according to your tube, foreground a dark color,
Background a light color 


Click in: NEW and give a name

Click in the middle for create a square

Now click in the square to the right and then in the background color
Repeat with the square in the middle and your foreground color

Now repeat with the square to the left and click in custom. This open your palette
Choose a color that combine with the other 2.

Accept - close and fill your raster layer.

Layers - Duplicate

Effects - L&K'S - Trix
with this settings:

Change the properties to Luminance (L)
Layers - merge - merge visible

Go to effects - image effects- seamless Tiling
with this settings:

go to effects geometric effects - skew  with this settings:

Now go to reflections effects -Rotating Mirror  with this settings:
Now apply effects L& K´s /Paris with this settings:

Duplicate this layer
and apply 
Effects L& K´s /Jouri with this settings:

Go to effects - Geometric Effects Perspective vertical
with this settings:

Image flip
Go to selection tool
Custom tool with this settings:
Fill the selections with a light color of your choice
Opacity 50%

Selections - none

Effects distoriton effect - wave with this settings:

Image -free rotate with this settings:
Effects - Image effect - off set with this settings:
Effects L& K´s /Katharina with this settings:
Image- mirror

Effects L& K´s /Katharina  with this setting:
Change the opacity of this layer to 50%

Click in the bottom layer (the layer was merged)

Duplicate this layer
Layers arrange bring to top

Effects - geometric effects - circle with this settings:

go to effects - distortion effects Pinch with this settings:

Adjust - blur- blur
copy and paste  the tube of your choice
Adjust blur Gaussian blur -10
Change the blend mode to overlay or some blend that works with your tube.
Add elements of your choice.
Layers - New raster layer
Fill with  your gradient
Effects L& K´s /Dimitri with this settings:
Change the blend mode to overlay
layers new raster layer
Fill with a solid color
Selections all- selections modify contract by12
delete - selections none
Adjust- add/remove noise to 50
layers new raster layer
fill with ypur gradient again
selection all selection modify contract by 6

For the Avatar
Open a new image  200 x 200.Pix.
Copy your banner without  border, name and copyright.  Position  as you like and Crop.
 Sharpen once.
Ad the borders like  you do inyour banner
Add your copyright and name or  a Capital Letter that fit your avatar

Add your copyright and name
and It's done!

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