Thursday, May 3, 2018



This Tutorial was written for those that have a working knowledge of PSP.

Please do not copy it in anyway or claim its as your own.
Any resemblance to any other tut is purely coincidental.
This Tutorial was written on May 3th,2018
The tutorial was written and Created by Chiqui

For This Tutorial I used PSP X2


Tube of your choice

I am using the awesome artwork of Alex Prihodko

You need a license to use this tube, do not use without a license.

You can find this tube at VERYMANY  store  HERE

A image of your choice I used Spring Rain 
by Valerie Monthuit
She has beautiful images!
you can found
Please leave some love and thank you.

Font of choice
I used Lovely Day font  regular free font Here

Drop shadow is usually V-2 H-2 Black, 50, 5, use what you prefer.

Let's get started

Open a new image 851 x 310 pixels
White Background
Choose 2 color of your tube
and  do a gradient with this settings:
Lin near -   repeat 2 invert not checked
 Fill your raster with the gradient
Adjust- Blur- Gaussian Blur - 30
go to Effects- Kiwi's effects - videowand with this settings
(I have my Kiwi filters imported to Filters unlimited)

Effect Kiwi´s- Zig-Zack with this settings:

Go to effects - image effects seamless tiling with this settings:

Effects-Kiwi´s/ Guck Mal with this settings:
Duplicate this layer
Image - flip to the copy

Drop the opacity to 50

Layers - merge - merge visible

Effect Kiwi´s- Zig-Zack with this settings:

Layers duplicate.

In the copy

  go to Effects- Kiwi's effects - videowand with this settings
Change the opacity to soft light in this layer
Go to effects- Artistic effects - balls and bubbles  with this settings:
Repeat same settings.
Layers- merge- visible
Now we are going to add our embellishments
elements y/o tube.
Copy and paste the image of your choice
change blend mode to screen or some to fit with your image.
Copy and paste your tube and position in the middle.

Duplicate your tube and change the blend mode to overlay.

Merge- merge visible.

Layer - new raster layer

Fill with a color of your choice

Selections all - modify- contract by 10
Change the blend mode to hard light or one to fit  your tag.

Layers - new raster
Fill with white
Selections all - modify - contract by 2

layers merge - visible

time to add  the copyright and your name.


Open an image  200 x 200.
 copy merged and paste, your facetime and position that will fit your Avator size, sharpen once, 
Add ypur border like we did in the face time them merged.

Add your copyright and name, merge visible.

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