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This Tutorial was written for those that have a working knowledge of PSP.
Please do not copy it in anyway or claim its as your own.
Any resemblance to any other tut is purely coincidental.
This Tutorial was written on April 9th,2018
The tutorial was written and Created by Chiqui
For This Tutorial I used PSP X2

Tubes of choice~I used the fantastic art work of Keith Garvey.  He is a licensed artist and you need to buy for use:
A Font of choice  

Filter AP 01 Innovations is a free filter you can download Here

A misted picture you found a lot on deviant art Here
Check for copyright before use. 

Let's get started
This filter consists of a total of 26 effects, which allow us to change the appearance of an image to make lines, lattices, Mapped checkers effect that turns a cloth into a chessboard, reflection effects, distortion effects, noise effects, etc.

Open a new raster 851 x 310 pixels
white background.

This is the size for a Face time banner.

Select 2 colors of your tube

Make a linear gradient, at an angle: 45, repetitions: 2, invert without marking. 

Fill your raster  with this gradient.

Effects / Accessories / AP 01 Innovations / Color-Nightmares with this settings:
Go to effects

- Reflection effects / Kaleidoscope with theseSettings:

Now go to Effects / Complements / AP 01 Innovations / Distort-CuttingEdge
 with these settings:

Now we are going to apply

Effects / AP 01 Innovations / Distort-ShiftMesh with this settings:

Go to adjust- sharpen - unsharpen mask with this settings:

Copy and paste your misted image

Position where you like

copy and paste your tube and put on the left 
of your banner.

New raster layer
fill with a contrast color in this case I use white

Now We are going to apply

Effects / Add-ons / AP 01 Innovations / Distort-WavyCutwith this settigns:

With your magic wand with this settings:
Click inside of one square
then click delete
Selections all-float defloat - selection invert
add a drop shadow with this settings:
Go to selections tools and make and make this
custom selections
(this works if ypur tube is posisioned like mine. If not, you need to do
your own selection)
delete- selections none

Click in your warp brush tool

with this settings

click on apply like this:

Now click carefully in the part you delete before
deforming like you want.  Use little clicks.

Layer merge- merge visible

Effects- xero- bad dream with this settings:

Layer new raster layer

fill with the same gradient you create before
selections all-selections modify contract by 10

Change the properties to overlay.

Layers new raster
fill with a Light color of your choice
selections all-modify- contract by 1

Add the copyright
Layers merge visible

Write your name or phrase you want

Save as a .png.

My result:

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