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This Tutorial was written for those that have a working knowledge of PSP.
Please do not copy it in anyway or claim its as your own.
Any resemblance to any other tut is purely coincidental.
This Tutorial was written on Jun 1th,2018
The tutorial was written and Created by Chiqui

For This Tutorial I used PSP X2


Tube  and close up of your choice

I am using the awesome artwork of Zatla M.
You need a license to use this tube, do not use without a license.

You can find this tube at his  store  HERE

Filter Italian Editors You can download Here
Gradient silver metallic of your choice

Font of choice
I used Myanmar font  regular free font Here

Drop shadow is usually V-2 H-2 Black, 50, 5, use what you prefer If need it

Let's get started

Open a new image 851 x 310 pixels

White Background

Choose your silver metallic gradient

  with this settings:
Fill your raster layer with this gradient
Image - Flip
Filter-Italian Editors Effect/Raggi di Luce with this settings:
Selections All- Selections float
Selections modify contract by 83 pix.
Apply Effects Italian Editors - Grana with this settings:
Optional if you have not  the Grana effect (some PSP versions doesnot support)
You can use  DSB Flux filter bright noise.)
The effect you need to get is this:
Selections none
Now we go to Effects- distortion Effects
Polar coordinates with this settings:
Go to Effects - Image Effects- Offset
with this settings:
Effects - Edge effects - Enhance
Change the blend mode to Multiply
Layers - Merge
Merge down
Apply drop shadow with this settings:

Click in your raster 1

 Apply Effects Italian Editors - Vetro with this settings:
You should have something like this:
Click on your top layer
layers - New raster layer
Fill with a color of your choice
(one color of your tube)
In my case I fill with #c13257

 Apply Effects Italian Editors - Mosaic TV with this settings:

Image resize 75% All layers Unchecked

Apply Effects Unlimited - Italian Editors -Effetto Fantasma (you need import this effect to Unlimited filter because in pspX2 and newer this effects doesn't appears) with this settings:

Effects - Edge effect - enhance
Change blend mode to overlay

 Copy and paste your close up and position in the right side
Change blend mode to overlay
Duplicate image mirror.

Copy and paste your tube
Position in the Center

Adjust Gaussian blur by 10
Change blend mode to overlay

Change blend mode to screen and down the opacity to 62

Layers new raster layer
Fill with a color of your choice

Selections all - selections modify contract by 8

Adjust add  remove noise/ Add noise by 50

Apply Eye candy 4000- gradient glow with this settings:

Add your copyright and name.

And it's done!

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