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This Tutorial was written for those that have a working knowledge of PSP.
Please do not copy it in anyway or claim its as your own.
Any resemblance to any other tut is purely coincidental.
This Tutorial was written on June 17Th,2018
The tutorial was written and Created by Chiqui

For This Tutorial I used PSP X2
This is a single tutorial, basically is for teach
how to use preset shapes in a different way and have fun!

Tube and close up of your choice
I am using the fantastic work of Pin Up Toons
You need a license to use. You can buy here
Font of choice
I used Bite chocolate Font free Here
Preset shape of your choice
I use a preset shape  from  Different cretions store here
Scrap of your choice (optional) or  a
Texture of your choice 
Mask of your choice I used Loris mask "another mask" here
My word art:

Filter Italian Editors - Effetto Fantasma (This filter is optional because many antivirus reject. I installed this filter many years ago and never have problems with it. until I installed Norton antivirus, then I had to say to my antivirus to restore my filter and ignore the thread). You can just ignore the part with this effect).

You can use effects Toadies - what are you instead of Italian editors.

Let's Start

Open a Image 800 x 800 pixel

 White Background

Layer New raster layer

Fill with a color/gradient or copy a paper of your choice


apply your mask, delete, merge group.

Choose 2 colors from your tube

Click in your preset shape tool

and choose  a preset shape of your choice 

With this settings:

Draw Your shape

In our palette  click in the link button this is because when we move this layer we want other similar move together with it.
Keep as a vector and duplicate twice.
click in the original raster and close  the eye in the copies.
click in the sign + in this layer

Right click in the sub-raster and look for properties

There we can modify width, color and line style.
then apply this settings:

click in the sign -
convert to raster layer
open the eye in the copy raster 1

Repeat the same operation but this time we apply this settings:

click the sign -
Convert to raster layer
Open the eye in the copy raste 2

Repeat the same operation but this time apply this settings:
(I change the line Style to Dashed)

Click in the raster 1
Selections all - selections float
Selections defloat
copy and paste the paper or texture of your choice
selections invert
selections delete
selections none
Resize this layer to 85%
Change the blend mode to overlay
and link this layer too clicking in the chain

Duplicate  (Shift + D)
Minimize the original
In the new one layers - merge - visible
Copy this merged
Maximize the original
click in the background
paste as new layer

in your palette change the background color for a lighter color or contrast color of your tube
Foreground null.  This is only for  the effect.

Apply effect Italian Editors effetto fantasma  with this settings:

or Effect Toadies What are you with this settings:

copy and paste your tube 

Remove all parts of your tube outside of your shape.

Copy and paste my word art
Adjust blur Gaussian blur by 10

Add any other elements you would like, make it your own.

Crop your tag to be sure no stray shadows are on the edges of your tag.

Once happy with it all, close off any backgrounds, merge visible.
  then add your copyrights and name.

That's it
Hope you enjoyed doing my tut.


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