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This Tutorial was written for those that have a working knowledge of PSP.

Please do not copy it in anyway or claim its as your own.

Any resemblance to any other tut is purely coincidental.

This Tutorial was written on March 26th,2018

The tutorial was written and Created by Chiqui
For This Tutorial I used PSP X2


Tubes of choice~I used the fantastic art work of Rosalys is a free tube.

You can found

Don't forget use a copyright if you use her tubes


Filter Italian editor Effect phantasm

Font of choice

Drop Shadow usually V2 H2 30 5 black


Mask of your choice


Texture of your choice. you can get some beautiful textures in

Word Art from Me (right click and save

Let's get started

Open your mask and minimize 

Open a new raster layer 800 x 800 white background.

Select 2 colors from your tube and create a gradient

Go to your preset shapes

choose one that you like

and draw  in your raster.

Keep this like a vector.

in your palette click in the layer link toggle

This is for link your layers and they move together

Duplicate your vector twice

you should have something like that:

Close the eye in the other copies

your palette should look like this:

Click on your original raster and rename this : base

Click on the button + in your raster layer

Then you can see other raster below like this:

right click  on this layer  and you can get a Menu

Click on properties

Here you can change width, color, line.

Deactivate  the stroke - ok

(here appears activate just click and deactivate stroke)

Click in the - sign of the layer and right click

Convert to raster layer.

Now we click in the first copy of our layer. 

Click on the button + in this raster layer


right click in the layer below 

go to properties

this time we are going to  deactivate the fill button

now change  the line for one of your choice

Change the stroke width to 4.

Click in the - sign of the layer and right click

Convert to raster layer.


Duplicate all layers (Shift+Ctrl+d)

In this new raster:

delete the white background.

right click - merge visible.

You should have 2  raster like this:

 copy your second raster and paste to the 

original raster and position above your base raster.

Now in your palette selection a lighter color

in your foreground.

(this is only for apply when you use the filter)

Remember you are  in the layer above the base, the one you copy.

Apply the effect Italian Editors - phantasma

with this settings:

back to your base layer

With your magic wand click inside of your shape

Selections-modify-expand by 2

copy and paste your texture


arrange your texture below the base.

You can use some gradient too for fill the middle of your shape

adding a new raster layer below instead of .

Go to your top layer

Copy and paste  your tube 

Erase the parts out of your shape

Duplicate the tube

in the copy  apply blur - Gaussian blur-10

Change properties to overlay.

Click in your write background

copy and paste a texture of your choice.

or fill a new layer with a gradient.

Layer-new mask layer- from image

Choose the name of your mask - source luminance

then go to layers-delete-yes,  then merge group. 

Copy and paste my word art or other of your choice.

and its done!

Time to  put your copyright and 

the name or phrase that you like .

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