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This Tutorial was written for those that have a little knowledge of PSP.

Please do not copy it in anyway or claim its as your own.

Any resemblance to any other tut is purely coincidental.
The tutorial was write by Chiqui  March 18th.2018
For This Tutorial I used PSPX2

A FAT font of your choice
I used Magical Mistery Tour Font
Ypu can found this free font here


Eye Candy 4000 - glass
Xero-Frittilary filter

Lets start:

Open a New layer transparent 650x 300 pix
 Select 2 color for ypur Foreground and Background
in this case i selected white and pink

Select your text tool and write something
In this case I wrote my name but you can use
this with any short phrase or name.

Go to layer -convert raster to layer
(this is for convert the vector in a layer)

Now selection-All
Selection - Float
Selection - Defloat
Selection modify - Expand by 2

 Layer - New raster layer
arrange the layer down the first one
and click on it  to be sure you are in the right layer.
Fill this layer with your background color (pink in my case)

Selections none.
Now click in the first layer and go to
merge down.
copy  and paste as a new imagen
right now ypu should have 2 images like this:

minimize the original and  We are going to work in the copy:

selections float
Selections defloat
Selections modify contract by 2
layers-New layer
Fill this layer with a contrast color
(other way to do this is: use your magic wand
click inside each letter, then modify contract-by 2)

Keep Selected
then apply
Effects-Eye Candy 4000 - Glass
with this settings:
keep selected
Apply Effects - color dots
with this settings:
selections- Select - none
merge - visible.

Minimize this image and click in the original imagen

Now We are working on the original imagen.

Selections all
 Selection - Float
Selection - Defloat
Selection modify - Expand by 6

Layer new raster layer
arrange down the first one,
fill with the color in the border. In my case was white

Keep selected
Go to 
Effects - Xero - fritilary with this settings
selections all
merge visible
Now we are going to get the both imagen together
maximize your copy
right click and copy imagen
Go to your original imagen
paste as a new layer.
Now with your  move tool
arrange the image in the original that
get exactly in the middle.

Add a drop shadow
like this:
(Note this image is from other tutorial but I use this settings)

Merge visible
Repeat the drop shadow.

This is my result:

And its done!

Ypu can use other effects you like it
This is only a guide to how you can do a 
text different.

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