Saturday, March 17, 2018



This Tutorial was written for those that have a working knowledge of PSP.

Please do not copy it in anyway or claim its as your own.

Any resemblance to any other tut is purely coincidental.
The tutorial was write by Chiqui  March 17th.2018
For This Tutorial I used PSPX2

Tubes of choice~I used the fantastic art work
Veleri. Ypu need a license for use this tube. You can find the tube and the License


VM - Stravaganza - shoutin

Eye candy 4000 - Glass  color dot

Font of your choice

Lets start:

Open a new imagen 700x 300 white background

Add a new layer and fill with a color  of your choice In this case I used
a Gradient from 2 colors of my tube

Apply color dot with this settings:

Add a new raster

Fill with a color of your tube or one of your choice

go to vm- extravaganza - shoutin! and apply this settings

 Selections all - selections float-  selections defloat and apply

Eye candy 4000 glass with this settings:

 Go to Effects texture-Effects blind and apply this settings:

Selections none

Add a drop shadow  I use this:

Effects- 3Deffects-DropShadow

Copy and paste a tube of your choice

Position to the left look my tag for reference

Add a drop shadow

Add a new raster

Fill with a contrast color in this case I used blue

Selections all- selections modify - contract  by 3


go to adjust - add remove noise and apply a noise of your choice.

Add a drop shadow.

 Add your name

Add your copyright

and its done!!!!

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